Terms and Conditions:  
1. The buck of your choice will be available for 45 days.

2. Your farm must be approved before drop off.

3. Report the number of does exposed to the buck up front.

4. Must report any problems or conditions as soon as possible.

5. The fee for a buck will be, if you live more than 50 miles
from our farm, the value amount of the buck will be due up
front.  When the buck is returned, the amount of $10.00 / doe
will be deducted from the value amount of the buck for the
first 20 does and the remaining amount will be returned to

6. If you are local then the amount of $10.00 / doe exposed
will be due up front for the first 20 does. There will be no
charge after the 20th doe. You will only be charged a
maximum of $200.00 for leasing a buck.

7. You will also have the option of selling the kids from the
lease buck back to us at weaning age (90days).
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