May 11, 2009
We intended to do the DSK News page monthly for now, but we've gotten somewhat of a following.
We decided to do another week for those who are keeping up with us.  We'll see how it goes.  I'll try
my best to keep it updated!

We thought we only had to worry about the goats getting out of the field by going under the fence,
over the fence, through the fence, etc... We learned that the possibilities are endless when dealing
with goats!  At the beginning of the week, we had a few days of wind and hard rain.  Pistol Pete and
our bucklings are out in a field that has a "storage house" that makes part of our "fence".  The hard
rain drenched the building and made quite an appetizing meal for  the guys.  They decided to eat the
wall of the building and soon found themselves going through and out the other side.  What awaits
them on the other side you ask?  Four blueberry bushes loaded with berries and no boundaries!!!  
Shane came home from work to find them munching on berries with no regard.  He said they were
not pleased to have to return to their home with the berries being left
unattended.                                                               This is the goats making a meal out of the wall and the

Our cows did a good job of mowing the clover down.  Of course, those picky cows would only eat
the clover.  Now the goats have brush, weeds, and what's left of the clover to choose from.   

                              BEFORE                                                                       AFTER  

Shane had to make a temporary gate for our back forty today.  We are in the process of  having it
cleared for more pasture.  Shane moved the cows out of this pasture several months ago for the
clearing process, but it's time for them to rotate back.  The gate will keep the cows in and will serve
as a way for the log truck to enter and exit the pasture.  As you can see one of our future ranch
managers is overseeing the project.

We have found that one of our yearling does is expecting, unexpectedly.  She decided months ago
to take a tour of  the "greener grass on the other side."   Shane found her and said she had only
been out for about an hour.   Obviously she found Pistol Pete in that hour.  Her udder has begun to
fill up.  This will be her first kidding. We will soon get to learn what effect the South Mississippi heat
and humidity will have, if any.  We had planned on breeding her and our other does to Pisol Pete in
August so they would kid in January.  Here is a photo of her.  She is the black one.  Her dam is one
of our herd mothers out of  HKF Big Jake and AFK Girl 045.  Her sire is ECR Captain Jack out of  
Sunboy Stanton 149 (Nick) and ECR Gloria.     

We also want to thank all of the visitors for coming to our farm this past week.  We really enjoy
getting to meet new people.  We love to talk about what is going on around our farm as well as hear
about everyone else's.  

We have welcomed our newest addition (herd sire) to our LGDs this week.  He is bonding with  a
few of our "guinea pigs".  So far, he has taken to them really well.  His has a lot of personality and
already very protective.  He growls and barks at anything and everything that  comes near.

We haven't settled on a name yet for him.  We are looking for suggestions for names.  If you have a
suggestion for one, leave it in our comment box on our contact page.  We would love to hear any of
them.  Our kids usually come up with a name, but we thought we would try this route.  
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