We are still trying to recover from our trip to the AKGA National Convention that was held in
Sallisaw, Oklahoma this past week.  We attended many informative seminars and learned new
things as well as got some new ideas.  We also met so many wonderful people, and look forward
to seeing them in the future.  Four goats from Deep South Kikos were in the Showcase Sale and
they now have new homes from Nebraska to Louisiana.  Before the convention began, we made
a trip to Poteau, Oklahoma to the Kerr Center to drop off five of our bucklings to enter the 2009
buck test.  We will be putting up a link on our buck page at the bottom, when it becomes
available, for those interested in keeping up with their performance.
  Below you will see a few
snapshots from the convention.


          (Trying to tolerate the heat while getting ready for the sale.  Boy was it hot!!)
June 2009
Thanks to our neighbors Gary and Joan Newman, we
were able make our trip quite comfortably.  There is no
way "Little Sammy" could have even come close!  Thank
you for all that you do for us!
If you happen to see one of our young LGD's wearing one of these you know they are being
taught a lesson about staying in the pasture.  Eve has had to wear this contraption twice, but I
think she has given up trying to check out the neighborhood.  Man and JJ had to wear them as
well.  Although, Man's previous owner came to get him back prior to our leaving for OK.  She
missed him too much.  JJ just didn't work out for us.  He absoulutely would not stay in the pasture
with the goats at all during the day.  He loafed around until suppertime and would come home.

                                                            Eve with her "necklace"          
We used our portable electric net fence to clean up around the barnyard.  The bucklings enjoyed
this very much and it was a whole lot easier to let them do the work!

The loggers have finished up clearing the area in our back forty.  Hopefully it will not hold as much
water now, and will give our cows more pasture to graze.