July 2009
Breeding season is here for Deep South Kikos.  Pistol Pete was anxiously awaiting our return from
Oklahoma, to be allowed in with the ladies.  He now is one happy buck!  Shane did a little research
and we decided to try something a little different this year.  We have confined the does to a small
area with Pistol Pete.  Shane had read  that this will help all does come in heat simultaneously.  It
seems to be doing the trick.  If anyone needs to see an example of a doe in heat,  they should visit
our farm.  Over half of our herd has started exhibiting this behavior in just 1/2 a week in with Pistol


                                           These are photos of the "breeding pen".  
Shane had to work on our catch pen at the back forty in order to separate some calves that were to
be sold from the farm.  He used our livestock scale to put in the alley to get the weight of the calves.  
We are working on selling our calves straight off the farm  from now on if all goes well.
We've also had to move our cattle into our hayfield.  We haven't had hardly any rain this summer
compared to what we usually get.  The cows had nothing left to eat in their pasture, and the
hayfield wasn't looking too promising , so the cows were let in.  Then they were moved across the
road to the goat pastures.  It went much smoother this time with just Shane and I.  The cows are
realizing that crossing that blacktop means more food on the other side!

When our 2009 doelings were weaned, we put them in a 1/2 acre pen that had just been fenced in.
We decided to put  "Kimba" in this pen to see how well he would be able to guard in a small area.  
He originally had been in a smaller pen with a couple of wethers.  So far, we've been very
impressed with how well he is doing to be just a pup.  

When the cows came over, Shane moved the doelings to a 12 acre field along with Kimba.    He  
decided to mob graze the 1/2 acre doeling pen with the cattle.  The goats did a great job of
trimming the crepe myrtles as well as keep the fence row clear.  There was still quite a bit of
grass, so the cows were moved in to mob graze.  We look forward to seeing how well this pen
regrows.   Shane really likes to experiment with new things when it comes to the farm.  Who
knows what we'll be doing next.......
We are excited to let everyone know that our farm was highlighted on Ballclover's website.  We
had very good success with the clover, and are planning on planting more this fall in other
pastures.  Feel free to check out their website, our photo is in the top right corner of the home
page, and another is located on their testimonial page
.  (Click on link)    BALLCLOVER.COM