November 2009
A couple of our female LGD's came into heat, so we decided to go ahead and put Kimba with
the ladies, so to speak.  After that, he went through a phase of breaking out of his field.  We
have never had an issue with him leaving the herd.  We have tried the disciplinary action of
dragging around an old tire off of the shovelhead.  As you can tell, he is not liking it too much.  
After a couple of days he decided he didn't want to wear the new "attire" and hasn't given us
any trouble since.  
These are a few photos taken from our front yard.  Our property is bordered by the DeSoto
National Forrest.  It was time for them to burn a little brush I suppose.  I wanted to put a few
photos, because I don't think many  get to see this from their front yard.  It has actually been a
little wet due to the rains we have been getting, so the control burn didn't appear to burn all that
well to me.   BUT, I really don't know much on that kind of stuff!  
The rye grass and clover is starting to come along.  The cows and goats are sure enjoying the
new green growth.  Shane turned the cows into a small pasture of green for a couple of hours
the other day and I decided to take a photo of them getting their belly full...
This is a face that we have been seeing quite a bit lately!  We have the 4 bucklings from the OK
buck test back home, Pistol Pete and Rooster, as well as 2 other bucklings all in the same
pasture.  Eight testosterone driven goats in a pen together near 5 doelings in heat has been
quite a sight, SMELL, and experience.  We actually had the younger bucks in another pen away
from the mature bucks to keep the youngsters from getting injured.  Wouldn't you know one of
the little fellas decided he was the man and jumped to the wall of the barn and over the 42"
fence to prove his manhood to Rooster Cogburn, the big white buck.  Three of the bucklings
sure held their ground against Rooster and wore him down a little though it didn't take long to
get fired up again.   After receiving a few shocks from the referee's (Shane) hotshot, they
seemed to calm down.    
(Click on pedigree for larger view)
Year to date FAMACHA score average: ( 1.4 )
Be sure to check out next months news page.  We should be halfway through our next kid
crop!  We hope to have some good photos!