We have had to deal with some crazy weather conditions for us here in the Deep South.  Our
goats have never had any shelter, other than some trees in the pasture and the side of a old
chicken house that borders one side of the field.  Some of the goats manage to "suck it in" and
stand by the chicken house under a small eave.  This year's weather has caused us to provide
otherwise.  We have had losses this winter due to the freezing temperatures combined with
hard winds and rain.  Some were due to hypothermic kids, or suffocation due to large pile ups
trying to stay warm.  The forecast predicted record lows for our area that would last a whole
week, so Shane and I in a mad dash put up plastic on an old hog barn.  Shane found this last
piece and decided to put it up for a wind break for the goats.  It worked out real well.  We had
some rain with the temps around 35 and had some lows down in to the low teens with wind
chills around  9 degrees.  Of course, the plastic has holes in it now (thanks to Kimba) and isn't
much protection from the wind, but it served its purpose for that frigid week.  Now the goats are
back to the pasture with only the trees and the eave of the old chicken house.
We now know how to create spreadsheet for our farm data, instead of using notebook paper
with lines drawn with a ruler (or the edge of a book).  Jesse and Jane Beech of
invited us to their home to give a quick lesson on how to use Excel.  I
was amazed at all of the possibilities that could happen by using these spreadsheets.  Much
thanks to them for being so kind to get us going with this valuable tool.
January 2010
The Newmans, Mr. Gary and Ms. Joan, traveled to Memphis to pick up 3 Anatolian Shepherds to
bring back to Mississippi!!  One went to Gulf South Kikos in Long Beach, MS to guard the goats
for Jesse Beech.  Mr. Milton Graham of Sumrall, will be coming to pick up his sometime in a few
weeks.  The Newman's are keeping a male for themselves to protect their goats, Gary and Kiki.  
All three are out of the same bloodline as our stud dog Kimba, whom we are very pleased to
own.  We hope they will be a great addition to their farms as Kimba has been to ours.   
We decided to pick Davie (our herding dog) for the employee of the month.  One day this
month, a neighbor was bringing hay into the field for his cattle and left the gate open.  He
noticed that the 6 of his cows were on the loose.  If you have ever had livestock get out of
the field then you will know that for some reason they act just plain crazy.  He could not
seem to get the cows caught up after they had made it into the woods.
The neighbor decided to tell all the neighbors to be on the look out for his cows and to let
him know if we see them.  Shane happened to be home that day and told him that he and
Davie would see what they could do.  Once Shane and Davie found the cows in the woods,
they were able to drive them to the road.  Davie was able to turn them down the road and
she drove them about a quarter of a mile back to their field.  The neighbor was amazed at
how well Davie worked those cows out of the woods, down a black top road and into a
small gate in the field.