Chopper was the guardian herdsire of our farm.  
He was the best LGD you could  find anywhere.  
He turned a year old 1-26-08 and he worked like
he had  been doing it for yrs.  While Chopper was
watching the herd, he tried to fight off a rattle
snake and the snake got the upper hand.  Below
are some pictures of the snake.  See below for
more details.
This is what killed Chopper.  I was walking around
the pasture today (4-11-09) in the same area where
Ashley heard Chopper acting different and I ran up
on the killer with his kill of the day.  The snake had
the rabbit's head in his mouth.  When  I walked up,  
the snake spit the rabbit out and coiled up ready
for battle. But as you can see, I was the one who
won this time.

The snake had 19 rattles, which might mean how
many years old he, is but I am not sure.

The length of the snake is about 66" long and
around 3 to 4 inches wide.  The width of his fangs
matched the holes in chopper. Chopper served us
well in his short time with us.  Just think, that
rabbit could have been a young kid (goat) or one
of my family members.