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Our farm is surrounded by the National Forest , which has plenty of
predators on the prowl.  We have Anatolian Shepherds to guard all of
our livestock.  We are very pleased with the Anatolian breed. We
allow our dogs to be all natural, they raise their pups in the dens that
they build and wean the pups on their own.  We strive to breed for
working dogs so you can trust our pups to guard your livestock.  All of
our dogs show no signs of any health problems.
18 months
At work
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Please check back from time to time to see when we have pups available or
feel free to contact us for more info.  We also offer a deposit list for those of
you that are interested in waiting for one of our pups.
Remember we stand behind all our animals and make sure you get what your
looking for.   We understand the importance of a good working dog!
****Photo coming soon of
Samson and Delilah!****