We have traveled all over to add quality genetics and performance to our herd.  While we are    
very proud of our kikos, we are constantly striving to make them even better.  Our goats are
rounded  up with the border collies every  month to do  FAMACHA checks.  Also we  were  
certified to do fecal egg counts (FEC) two years ago.  We have found these to be some of
the most important management practices for our farm.  

We provide free-choice cattle mineral to our herds at all times.  We have decided not to feed  
grain to our animals; there is no need to.  We have ball clover and annual rye grass in the
winter/spring months,  bermuda grass and bahia grass (with as many weeds imaginable) in the
summer/fall We have had our forage tested and it has an adequate amount of nutrition for
them.  If they can't thrive under these conditions, they don't need to be breeding stock.   We
know not everyone manages their herds the same, which is okay.  We hope that while providing
our goats   with minimal input, they will be able to thrive under any other farm's type of
management should they acquire one of our goats.
SKY Pistol Pete
(Click on pedigree for larger view)
(Click on pedigree for larger view)
CPK Rooster Cogburn